Practice the fundamental skills you'll need and the work asked of you as a student of law.

In this course, students will develop critical thinking and practical law-related skills and knowledge. This Pre-JD course introduces students to the kind of doctrinal concepts and the legal skills students will encounter at law school through close, guided analysis of case law and legal hypotheticals.

The workshop sections for the course are tied to the course lectures and assignments and will focus on the development of legal writing, research, and critical reasoning skills necessary to solve legal problems, particularly in the context of predictive written communications to various audiences. Students will begin to develop the analytical skills required of them both at law school and in the legal profession through critical questioning. Students will identify legal issues, isolate arguments, evaluate the efficacy of those arguments, assess professionalism, and analyze the resolution of the legal dispute.


May 29, 2023 - August 1, 2023


8 weeks




6 to 10 hours per week