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This fully-online course introduces students to the kinds of doctrinal concepts and legal skills that students will encounter at law school.

JD-Next is proven to work.  Unlike any other law school prep course, peer-reviewed research has repeatedly shown that students participating in JD-Next get a 0.2 improvement first-semester GPA.  The exam at the end of the course has been shown to be a valid and reliable law school admissions tool, which eliminates the large, significant racial disparities that infect other standardized tests.

Undergraduate and Law School enrollment for Summer 2023 is now open. 

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Student Experience

This program prepared me to read and digest cases. I was able to pull out the relevant information much faster than most of my peers.

The most satisfying part was learning how concepts could be broken down to easily understand them.

It was a good way to start case-reading before law school, and to start working through how to actually read cases, understand them, and then logically order how I think about them through case briefing.

I enjoyed the lectures and was happy to get acquainted with briefing and analyzing cases in a low-risk environment before starting law school.

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Develop Real Legal Skills

Students develop skills reading cases, analyzing case law, spotting issues, and writing clearly. Our instructional approach incorporates both evidence-based pedagogy and traditional legal instruction. Students learn through modeling, coaching, and instant feedback best suited for skill development, while practicing the self-assessment skills and deliberate practice necessary to excel at law school. 

  • Exams Closely Tailored to the Law School Experience

    Providing you firsthand insight into the high-stakes law school final

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